November 06, 2017


Bible Gateway

Tons of translations and paraphrases along with search engines and commentaries.  

Precept Austin

This is a very scholarly Bible study site with more resources than almost anywhere else.  Not super easy to navigate but worth the time.  I use this often when studying for sermons.

Bible Teaching

November 06, 2017

Mark Driscoll

Very intelligent and funny.  Verse by verse teaching through books of the bible and excellent topical stuff as well.

Driscoll has been through hell and made mistakes, but he is one of the best Bible teachers I have ever heard.

Timothy Keller

Keller is an intellectual giant and is also pastoral and fatherly.  His best stuff may be his marriage teachings.

There are some paid resources but most everything is free on the sermon page.


November 06, 2017

RC Sproul

Not exciting or tricked up but incredibly intelligent and well done.

Great resources on history, philosophy, and theology.

A variety of authors and teachers.

This site is dry and not exciting but rich with free theological resources.  Their academics are incredibly strong and useful.


November 06, 2017

John Lennox

He is a mathematics professor at Oxford University and a genius.  He defends and argues for the Christian faith all over the world and often debates the world’s top atheist thinkers.

Ravi Zacharias

Ravi is an Indian born Christian who combines great scholarship with a down to earth and passionate presentation.  He defends the faith without being defensive.  His mission statement is "teaching believers to think and thinkers to believe".  

Practical Stuff

November 06, 2017

Philip Yancey

He is an author and journalist who takes an odd and different approach to almost everything.  He is not a speaker but mainly offers blogs and books.

Valley of Vision

This is a collection of Puritan prayers that are deep and profound.  I have prayed them many, many times and found them helpful and challenging.

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