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Church is Boring!?

Well, church is boring sometimes.

Everything is boring at times. Sometimes dinner is boring, but I have not given up on food. Driving can be boring, but I still have a car. Reading is often boring, but becoming illiterate is not the solution. In the same way, church can be boring at times but that is no reason to give up on it. It is well worth the effort and the endurance.

I grew up thinking that I would rather be beaten than go to church. But, ironically I now attend and even participate in church every week. I work hard to keep it from being boring but I have found that most of the boredom does not come from the sermon or the music but from the way we approach church.

Here are a few ways you can keep church from being boring:

1. Find a place to serve – be a greeter, an usher, work with kids (you will not be bored with that), or just come prepared to help in any way that is needed.

2. Expect something personal from God. Even if the sermon is not exciting, God can still use it to speak directly to you.

3. Have something to give. I am not just talking about money. I am talking about worship. Plan to worship God in a way that is sincere, profound, and deep. Give Him what He wants (YOU) instead of always waiting for Him to give you what you want.

4. Really think about the words you sing and the scripture that is read. Engage your intellect when you walk through the doors. God is really smart and has interesting things to say when you sink your mind into it.

5. Drink lots of coffee. Just kidding… or maybe I’m not.

It was a profound day when I discovered that church was only boring because I was boring. Give it another try and see what happens.

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