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Are You A Bad Dancer?

We have all seen people who have no rhythm. You’re watching some guy on the dance floor. He is a half beat off from the song and everyone else. He has no idea that you are watching him and painfully enjoying his lack ability and self-awareness. Your reaction ranges between laughing and crying. Part of you feels sorry for him while part of you cannot look away from the train wreck that is his dance skills.

Sadly, some of us view God as being a little out of rhythm. He does not dance to the beat that we think He should, so we think it is He who is off rhythm. Our prayers become attempts to get God in line with our song. We ask God to give us what we want and tap our foot until He delivers. Our plans and expectations become like a really bad song and we cannot understand why God will not stay on beat.

The problem is not that God is off rhythm. It is that we are off rhythm. Instead of trying to get God on the dance floor of our lives and trying to get Him to dance to our beat we should step onto His dance floor and start listening for His heartbeat. Our prayers will become an act of submission knowing that His beat is perfect and that His song is written from an eternal perspective. Our plans and expectations will become a joy because we will line them up with His plans and the dance begins. He leads, we follow, and the crowds are not watching the train wreck that is our life, but they are watching the dance that is a relationship with God. Sure, we step on His toes from time but He gets us right back on beat.

I love Jesus’ prayer in Matthew 6:10... “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” His prayer was not that “our will be done in heaven as it is on earth.” In other words, “God, may we dance to your song instead of spending all of our time trying to get you to dance to ours.”

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