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Christmas Questions

There are some things about the first Christmas that we absolutely know. We know that:

-Jesus was God in the flesh. Our sins had separated us from God and we had no way of paying for them ourselves. All other religions are about people trying to work their way to God through good deeds, sacrifices, or religious activities. Instead of sitting in heaven waiting for us to climb our way to Him, He came down to us. One of His nicknames was Immanuel which means “God with us.”

-Jesus was born to Mary (the virgin) and to her husband (Jesus’ stepdad) Joseph.

-Jesus was born to live a sinless life and to die on the cross. He was not simply a nice guy or another moral teacher. He came to die for us.

-Many people missed the point. Some were hostile and others were just apathetic.

The things we know about Christmas are profound and life-changing. God loves us enough to come down and die for our sins because He knows we can never do it for ourselves no matter how religious we might be.

There are also many things that the Bible does not let us know. For example:

-Did Jesus realize, even as a baby, what He was going to go through?

-Did Jesus ever have a meltdown like all babies? Did He ever pitch a fit when He was hungry or when He wanted attention?

-Did His parents make the normal mistakes that we all make as parents? Did they ever get impatient or fight over whose turn it was to change His diaper? (I am assuming that Jesus needed diapers like every other baby).

-How much persecution did Joseph go through for having an “illegitimate” child? Did he ever doubt Mary’s integrity? Did she have to reassure him of her virginity?

-Did Joseph catch a hard time from his buddies for trusting Mary?

-What was Jesus’ favorite toy? Did He like to play? Did He win at every game?

-Did Jesus have chores? Did He always do them on time and perfectly?

No matter how many questions we have or how trivial they might seem, we know that Christmas is all about God humbling Himself to pursue a relationship with us. Let’s make this Christmas all about humbling ourselves and pursuing a relationship with Him.

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